CourseGuide GPS

The only GPS enabled course / yardage guide for golf courses INCLUDING bunkers, hazards, tees, as well as the center, front, and back of greens. Course Guide GPS also allows you to track your score, total strokes, putts, chips, sand shots, as well as penalties.

The app is free and you purchase only the courses you want.

*** Available for:
- Duke University Golf Club, Durham, NC.
- Heritage Golf Club, Wake Forest, NC.
- Southern Pines Golf Club, Southern Pines, NC.
- more...

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A real time live golf leaderboard that works in conjuntions with Course Guide GPS.

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BlackJack 21


A classic BlackJack game also known as the card game 21 with simple betting.

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Fatigue Assistant


For COVID-19 survivors suffering from post viral fatigue.

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